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            Fn-Link Technology Limited founded in 2008, with office located in Shenzhen China, and factory located at Liuyang Town ChangSha City, HuNan Province—covering an area of 39,000㎡,is one of the earliest and most proficient manufacturing enterprises which integrate R&D, production and sales as a whole in the field of high-speed wireless network. Our company has Passed ISO9000 and ISO14001certificate one after another and was honored to get a national level reward as a high and new technology enterprise. Our products , ranking in the front place in line, are selling all over the world including Japan, America, Europe, etc, and are widely applied in computer servers, telecommunication, customers-oriented electric products, medical care, airport facilities, express railway and smart home and other high-end fields. We own an experienced engineering team excelling at machinery, electricity, software and automation that can also provide series of solutions.